private investigator trainingIt is not mandatory for anyone who wants to become a private investigator to get a degree in investigations as part of the criteria for qualifications. But having background knowledge of criminal law and behavior will be an added advantage. Of course, it may seem intimidating when competing with other individuals, who have had broad experiences in the area of law enforcement, investigations as well as security undertakings, but many old-timers believe that attending classes can help you kick-start a career in private investigations.

But how does one determine the particular education programs as well as private investigator training to sign up for? Here is a list of the top 20 private investigator training and programs that will set you on your way to a fulfilling career as a private detective:

1.    Louisiana State University, Alexandria
This institution offers a private investigator training course that spans 40 hours.  It teaches students the fundamentals of private investigation as well as priming them for the Louisiana Private Investigator License Exam. Lectures take place on weekends to allow for students who might be busy with work schedules during the week.

2.    Boston University – Boston, Massachusetts
This institution offers both online and classroom courses as regards the Professional Investigation Program. The course outline covers every aspect of this investigative profession. The program is handled by several licensed professionals and is constructed in such a way as to adjust to busy schedules. Students have the choice to sign up for either a brick-and-mortar classroom or for the online program that suits them. Potential students are expected to submit an application as well as a letter of reference. The students should be familiar with the use of a camera, possess computer skills, have an excellent grasp of the English language, have a high school diploma and be able to record interviews.

3.    University of Washington
The University of Washington offers Certificate in Private Investigation course program that prepares greenhorns for a profitable career in private investigation as well as training qualified legal experts. The lectures are usually offered at nighttime to accommodate people with a busy work plan. The program is taught by lawyers that are not yet retired and also by veteran private investigators. Upon completion of this program, participants are qualified for a license in private investigation. All applicants must either have two years’ experience at a college or four years of work experience. They must also be able to speak the English language flawlessly before getting accepted into the program.

4.    California State University, Fullerton – Fullerton, CA
The Certificates in Private Investigation offered by the California State University covers a range of courses which prepare beginners for a career in private investigation and also helps other legal specialists in boosting their educational status. The university only offers the program offline i.e. in brick-and-mortar edifice. Students at this California state university take delivery of job openings which are sent to them even after the program is completed. They can continue to receive such messages for more than one year after completing the program.

5.    The University of Louisiana, Lafayette – Lafayette, Los Angeles
This institution offers a course known as Private Investigator Basic. It is a 40-hour class which prepares participants for an exam called the Louisiana Private Investigator License Exam and demonstrates the fundamentals of private investigation. The classes, which are scheduled for weekends so that a lot of people will be able to attend without having to change their work schedule, are off-line.

6.    Madonna University, Livonia, MI
The Criminal Justice program at the Madonna University where students learn the fundamentals of private investigation as well as how this field applies to the legal system, is a Certificate of Completion in Private Investigation course. For applicants to partake in the program, they must possess a diploma from high school or its equivalent.

7.    University of North Texas, Dallas and Houston, Texas
The Certificate in Professional Private Investigations course offered at the University of Northern Texas comprehensively prepares entrants for a good career in private investigation. This 200-hour course, with no online option, is offered at three locations for the convenience of students all over Northern Texas. The program is taught by practicing specialists in private investigation, and once the program is completed, all participants are eligible to sit for the Texas Private Investigator License Exam.

8.    Texas A&M International University
This institution offers Legal Investigation Certification Course, which is an online course in affiliation with the Center for Legal Studies. The program teaches participants the fundamentals of legal investigation which, in turn, primes them for careers in either private investigation or any other line of work that has to do with investigations.

9.    Clayton State University, Morrow, GA
The program offered in this institution, which is a Professional Investigator Certificate course, empowers participants with the tools of the trade that they require in private investigation and also prepares them to become qualified to receive a license from the Georgia Board of Private Detectives and Security Agencies. Due to professionals that may be busy due to their work schedule, the classes for this program meet one night every week.

10.     Hillsborough Community College, Tampa, Florida
The Private Investigator Intern Course offered by the Hillsborough Community College is a 40-hour long program where students learn the skills that will enable them to take up a career in private investigation. This off-line course also enables participants to get qualified for a Florida Private Investigator Intern License.

11.     Louisiana State University-Shreveport – Shreveport, LA
This institution offers Private Investigator Exam Prep that trains participants via off-line classes the essentials of how to become a private investigator and gets them qualified to sit for the Louisiana Private Investigator exam.

12.     University of Louisiana, Monroe, LA
The University, which is at Monroe, offers weekend Private Investigator Training course via off-line classes to get students ready for a profession in private investigations as well as the Louisiana Private Investigator Exam.

13.    Southside Virginia Community College (different sites in VA)
The Criminal Justice departments which are in Southside Virginia Community College offer Career Studies Certificates in Private Investigation that can be organized to meet ant demanding agenda.

14.    Fox Valley Technical College, Appleton WI
This institution offers a Private Investigation course that takes a whole semester, preparing participants to become private investigators that will be given the license to work at any place.

15.    City College
This College offers a Diploma in Private Investigation online and gives entrants the chance to become familiar with the private investigation line of work. They also get to learn from authorized professionals as well as get practical experience when it suits them and from any location of their choice.

16.    University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, NM: This institution’s Division of Continuing Education offers classes that allow people who aspire to become private investigator a foretaste of what life is like for private investigators and legal specialists.

17.    Ashworth Community College
The Private Investigation Career Diploma offered by Ashworth Community College is an online program that is comprehensive and can be finalized in six months or less. The course prepares participants for a profession in private investigation.

18.    Central Piedmont Community College, Charlotte, NC
At the Central Piedmont Community College, the Criminal Justice course grooms students for several careers in the legal arena. It is an excellent program for those who wish to start a career in private investigations because the classroom course concentrates on investigative standards.

19.    Fayetteville Technical Community College, Fayetteville, NC
At Fayetteville Technical Community College, the Private Investigation/Loss Prevention Certificate course grooms students to becoming private investigators within two semesters.

20.    Baton Rouge Community College – Baton Rouge, LA
At Baton Rouge Community College, the 40-hour long Private Investigator Course trains students about the rudiments of a livelihood in private investigation and gets them to qualify for writing the Louisiana Private Investigator Exam.

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